Monday, June 22, 2009

Back in action

Sorry about the absence... So far my hair is really growing nicely; I have about 1inch of new growth, but stretched out its really about 2inches! I have a mixture of wavy in the top front and very tightly coiled hair in the back and behind my ears especially. I never blow dry my hair now, I just let it air dry. I deep condition about once or twice a month (Aubreys Organic conditioner, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vit. E oil, & honey) and I shampoo w/ Organix shampoo (walmart or target). Im wearing my hair curly most of the time but once a month I will straighten it ( just to switch it up a bit). Im staying away from oil sheen sprays, hairsprays, gels...etc. pretty much all of the hair products I used to use because they contain a lot of not so hair friendly ingredients.