Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cucumbers YAY!

I've been 'Yes to Cucumbers' for several weeks now and I've noticed that not only does it leave my hair smelling fresh its also super shiny and hydated. It's 99.6% natural, which means its a certified organic conditioner, and even has an expiration date on the bottle so that's gotta tell you something! Try it and let me know what you think.

p.s. try the leave in conditioner, its just as good ;)

Hey chicas!

Ok so its been a long long time. Had a lot going on like, traveling, family activities, school,you know life ^-^. Ok so I've completely (well besides the occasional stubbourn tight curls in the kitchen a.k.a. beady beads lol) stopped applying heat to my hair! Im so excited! Ive finally found a regiment that works for me; basically a wash, braid and go. I've just started using 'Yes to Cucumbers' conditioner and leave in conditioner in my hair and it leaves my hair soft and maneagable. I have my brother trim my hair every once and a while. So I took some pics today of my hair. The red you see is from the henna that I applied about 8 months ago.